Media Support

We will support widely from the beginning to the end on the starting of media. The cryptocurrency and blockchain industry, which is still in its infancy, has long faced difficulties in obtaining correct information and a shortage of human resources capable of transmitting the acquired information.


Introduce famous person

In order to become an insider in this narrow industry, we introduce celebrities who are at the forefront of the industry. Please use it for interview articles.


Seminar for in-house writer

We offer training programs for in-house writers to acquire not only blockchain industry knowledge but also SEO and writing knowledge as well.


Introduce media advertising

We provide high-quality stories such as articles introducing overseas projects and announcements of events.


Create market analyze report

The Techtec research team regularly delivers industry analysis reports which cover the world's events.


Share overseas news

Speed is vital for news in the cryptocurrency and blockchain industries. Information of events that happened overseas will be collected with overseas data, translated into Japanese and distributed as a bulletin.


Our Client

ハーチ株式会社 加藤様

Introducing ALIS CEO Yasu

Mr. Kato is the head of the media division at Harch Co., Ltd. After consulting with us to develop the media business in the Japanese blockchain industry, we introduced celebrities from the industry. The referral is Mr. Yasu, who is the CEO of “ALIS”, the blockchain project that has successfully raised over 100 million yen in Japan through ICO. This time, we asked for a joint interview with Mr. Yasu and our CEO Tagami, so we supported overall from designing to editing the interview.

ハーチ株式会社 加藤様
"Cryptocurrency become a community hub"
ALIS x PoL talk, the future of the blockchain industry talked by two representatives.

- Mr. Kato Harch Co., Ltd


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