We will support domestic and overseas various industries blockchain application examples and surveys. The survey results can be compiled as a report and shared throughout the company. Hearing on global Techtec partners around the world would be possible.


Research the reference of project that used blockchain

In order to put blockchain technology, which supports the foundation of Web3.0, into existing businesses, we will investigate overseas cases that are already in operation in the same industry.


Create research report

We will submit overseas cases together in a report that is easy to understand. The survey report can be shared throughout the company and be accumulated as knowledge.


Research tour for around the world

By collaborating with Techtec global partners who have offices around the world, we support field surveys in countries where we want to conduct research.


Lecture about Japanese regulation

By understanding not only Japanese but also overseas regulations, the future trend of blockchain would be predictable.


Introduce to Techtec global partners

Having direct interviews with global tehctec partners, who are active at the forefront of the world will be possible. Obtaining primary information will enable even quicker development.


Our Client


Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry conduct a survey

Because of the emergence of blockchain, Ministry of Economy is leading to conduct "2018 Industrial technology survey business(applying blockchain technology also obtaining the technical standard for universities and research institutes for conducting survey about the job mobility of people from domestic and overseas ,ensuring reliability of research results)." We cooperated with Recruit Co., Ltd. to survey the trend of blockchain use cases from domestic and overseas, we gathered together 118 pages of research reports.

"FY 2018 Industrial Technology Survey (Research for the Applicability of Blockchain Technologies to Universities and Research Institutes to Promote Mobility of Domestic and Overseas Human Resources and Secure Reliability of Research Results as well as Research for Creating Standards Therefor) Report"

− Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry survey project


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