Translation and PR

In recent years, global response has widely spread, not only in the cryptocurrency and blockchain field. We support a wide range of global developments, from full website translation to interpreting events, in-house business English conversation training, and foreigners' recruitment. We are comfortable with not only English, but also with Chinese and Indonesian.


Multilingual support for website

Multilingual websites are essential not only for marketing but also for recruiting people from overseas. We support text translation, and developing translation sites as well.


Multilingual support for owned media

In addition to website translation, regular multilingual content distribution is essential. We will reinforce multi-language support for owned media and internal content.


Dispatch our interpreters to events

We will happily undertake a Interpretation part when inviting speakers from overseas for internal events. Please leave it to us when translating Japanese into other languages.


Business English lesson

In recent years, more companies have made their official language English. We will provide professional business English conversation training sessions.


Localization support, local marketing

We support overseas development of businesses, which are already developed in Japan. In addition to localization support, marketing support gets done at once.


Our Client


Translating blockchain overseas cases and supporting report creation

Our company basically researches on overseas blockchain projects, and translates papers and owned media. The use of blockchain was expected as a method to prevent fraud in degree and research data lately. Activities were seen in mainly in Europe, also in Southeast Asia, and the world expects initiatives in Japan will appear soon.

"FY 2018 Industrial Technology Survey (Research for the Applicability of Blockchain Technologies to Universities and Research Institutes to Promote Mobility of Domestic and Overseas Human Resources and Secure Reliability of Research Results as well as Research for Creating Standards Therefor) Report" recruit

− Mr. Kim and Mr. Tanaka Recruit Co., Ltd.


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